Frequently Asked Questions

Wind Energy

What do wind turbines look like?
Why do some wind turbines spin, while others next to them do not?
How reliable is wind energy?
What happens when the wind doesn't blow?
Do wind turbines operate in extreme temperatures / weather conditions?
How often do turbines require maintenance?
What does the computer system inside a wind turbine do?
Is wind energy just the latest energy fad?


How safe are wind turbines?
What affect does lightning have on turbine operations?
Are wind turbines noisy?
Should we be concerned about living close to turbines?
Will the turbines affect agriculture and/or livestock?
Will the turbines affect local wildlife?


How does the cost of wind energy compare to other energy sources?
What is the impact of new wind plants on the price of electricity to consumers?
Will the wind farm impact future economic development in the area?
What involvement does the community have in a wind energy project?
Should I be concerned about the value to my property?


How much land does a wind farm require?
How much income can a wind turbine generate for a landowner?
What does a lease cover?
What impact does a wind farm have on surrounding land?
Is construction planned around harvest / planting seasons?
Is there construction traffic?
How close can you farm to wind turbines?
What is the shadowing effect?
What happens when wind turbines are removed?


Is an environmental review performed?
Will the plant cause any pollution?

Permitting process

What is involved in the permitting process in Ontario?
Is a power purchase agreement required before construction begins?
How long does the entire development process take, i.e., from submitting permits to producing electricity?


What affect do wind turbines have on the transmission grid?
How difficult is it to integrate wind turbines with utilities?